Selling an Online on E-Commerce Business – step by step

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Selling your Online or E-Commerce business?

The market for online and E-commerce business has grown into a mature and fully-fledged sector in its own right.

By contrast with just a few years ago, buyers - and their banks - are willing to apply the usual rules of appraisal and valuation to business that don't need bricks and mortar. Many buyers are even more attracted to a business that can be run with low overheads.

If you have an established Amazon or EBay shop, or other online or e-commerce business you will find there is a ready market of buyers.

It is important to be able to demonstrate that future business can maintain the figures you have built up. If you're selling a specialist product, the most likely buyers will be people who already have some knowledge of the sector. Such buyers may view the value to them as focused on the reputation you have built up, your supply lines and your customer lists.

Our valuers have handled many such sales and can give you good advice on presentation, as well as the price-tag you should put on your business. They are known for honest and realistic valuations, and this will help you in moving smoothly to a successful sale.

Our agents are familiar with the business and understand what prospective buyers will want to know, and with how their bank will approach a valuation for financing.

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