Fair dealing in business sales

Good agents will look after your interests, but beware of high fees, and unreal valuations that trap you into signing up.

Adams & Co. stand for fair dealing, beginning with honest valuations that can be achieved. Our fee structure is transparent. We get paid when we finish the job.

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Before choosing an agent to sell your business, read the contract and fee structure carefully. Sadly, unrealistic business valuations are sometimes used to sign up sellers, and to trap them into expensive contracts.
Our sign-up fee is low, with our profit only coming from a completed job. Our valuations are based on standard accounting practices, not PR.
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In recent years, some business owners have reported bad experience with Transfer Agents.

Complaints include: being required to pay large fees for "marketing", ineffective marketing for their business, poor communication from the Agent, and having to reduce their asking price well below the Agent's valuation. In some cases their contracts trap them into paying a commission based on an unreal valuation, rather than an actual sale price.

We consider such activity unethical.

Our appraisals are realistic, based on the facts and figures that any buyer will demand, and in standard accounting practice. Our sign-up fees are modest. We do not charge 'add-on' fees.

We make our profit when your sale goes through, so we continue to share your motivation for a good and timely outcome.

Our contract with you is simple and clear - it fits on one page and is easily understood.

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