EPC Guidance

EPC Guidance

What is an EPC?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is intended to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy performance of a building, so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to buy or occupy that building. The EPC looks broadly similar to the energy labels now provided with vehicles and many household appliances. Its purpose is to indicate how energy efficient a building is. The certificate will provide an energy rating of the building from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is the least efficient. The better the rating, the more energy efficient the building is, and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be.

Why do I need an EPC?

As from October 2008 the landlord or seller of a property have a legal obligation to provide an EPC regardless of whether an agent acts on their behalf or not. Residential and commercial buildings - whether shops, offices, factories or workshops will need one.

As soon as you think you might sell or let your property you need to arrange an energy assessment by a property accredited assessor. The certificate should be given to the prospective tenant or buyer at the earliest opportunity and no later than when a viewing is carried out., when written information is provided about the building, or in any event before entering into a contract to sell or let. This is a legal requirement.

What are the penalties for not having an EPC?

If a trading standards officer requests an EPC for a building constructed, sold or let and the responsible person does not provide it within seven days then they will be liable for a penalty charge notice. Failure to provide an EPC to a tenant or buyer will usually result in a penalty of 12.5% of rateable value between minimum and maximum figures of £500 and £750. A default of £750 applies where the formula cannot be applied.

Who can produce an EPC?

An EPC must be prepared by an energy assessor who is a member of a Government approved accreditation scheme.

How long is an EPC valid for?

An EPC is valid for up to 10 years - unless a refurbishment of the buildings fabric or services has been undertaken in which case a new EPC can be commissioned to provide a more up-to-date EPC for the relevant building.

Where can I find out more about EPC’s?

Further information on EPC’s can be found by clicking on the link below

A Guide to Energy Performance Certificates