Making it easy to buy or sell a business

If the time's coming for you to be moving on, it's best to get the ball rolling now.

The sale process can easily take 9 months or more. It starts with an appraisal and valuation.
Click the links to the right for more information, or fill in the form below to book a business appraisal interview with our expert now.

We will contact you confidentially by phone for initial information.

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Start by contacting us with your details. We'll call you for basic business information, and arrange a proper appraisal and valuation of your business.
For smaller businesses there is no charge for this service.

A successful transfer of your business begins with a proper and realistic value for your business - one that we honestly feel we will be able to meet, and on which you and a buyer can agree.

Sadly, less ethical agents make a habit of giving inflated valuations just to sign up clients, and collect big upfront fees.

We don't operate that way. Our appraisals are realistic, based on the facts and figures that any buyer will demand. Our sign-up fees are modest. There are no 'add-on' fees.

We make our profit when your sale goes through, so we share your motivation for a good and timely outcome.

Our contract with you is simple and clear - it fits on one page.

Once we've started marketing your business, you'll want to know how it's going.

We provide regular updates on our actions, and on the level of interest and response we get. You'll also be made to feel welcome if you want to call us and check.

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