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Oliver Funnell, Head of Business Valuations

Reliable Business Transfer Agents

Adams & Co. are known for honest dealing: fair contracts, no rip-off fees, straightforward communication.We value your business and we keep our promises.
We provide sellers with extensive marketing and promotion through our state of the art digital platform, matching thousands of buyers with sellers. Our support continues all the way to completion.
We make the buying process simple by preparing documentation in advance and valuing businesses properly at a fair market value, based on the same calculations that will be relied on by lenders.

Trustworthy valuations

Our valuers use industry-standard practices to determine a fair and realistic value

Committed to your success

Our own business depends on getting the sale completed, so we are always motivated


Effective marketing

Our state-of-the art marketing gets businesses seen by the people most likely to buy

Good communication

We keep sellers and buyers well informed of progress, and help to overcome roadblocks


Recently added Businesses

Full-service business sales brokers

Selling your business for the best price, in a good time, means using all the tools available.

Besides the traditional methods we use social media to find buyers for smaller businesses, and we use our own lists of people who have asked to hear about new opportunities.

Once you have given us your instruction we will be actively working and marketing it with all the benefits of our contacts and experience.

When you have a buyer we will assist both sides to shepherd the transfer through to a happy conclusion without the unnecessary delays which sometimes arise.

Mi Churchill, Instructions Coordinator

68 years of successful Business Sales

We've been selling businesses since 1951. We know what it takes. If you want to sell a business, our local agent begins by valuing your business - based on the principles that will be used by your buyer's bank.
We market your business to find the right buyer, and shepherd the transaction through to a successfully completed sale.

Meet the team

Oliver Funnell, Head of Business Valuations & Account Management
Mi Churchill, Instructions Coordinator
Vernon Martins, Sales Manager
Conall Freeman, New Business Manager


Chalise Foxx, Account Manager
Alice Brock, Account Manager
Mike Garside, Marketing Coordinator